Wine & Bar: Why You Should Own a Hip Flask

Wine & Bar: Why You Should Own a Hip Flask

A hip flask, also known as a whiskey flask is a curved, stainless steel bottle usually used to carry alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, vodka, rum, gin or any alcoholic beverage. They usually come in various sizes but most are pocket friendly in size, comfortably fitting in your jacket pockets or bag, including women’s handbags.

History of Hip Flasks

Hip flasks date back to the 18th century and were originally used by members of the gentry. The name is pretty much understandable as most people would conceal them alongside their hips, either in their pockets, belts, or waistbands and are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer’s hip or thigh, for comfort and discretion.

Why are Hip Flasks curved?

Hip flasks have traditionally been thin, with a curve so that it can easily be pressed against one’s body so that it is better concealed. A curved flask fits better in a front or back pocket as it will press against one’s leg or thigh.

Reasons why  Kenyans are buying or gifting hip flasks to their loved ones;

  • Firstly, a hip/whiskey flask is a great gift idea for yourself or your loved one(s) whether on its own or as part of a gift hamper. They are ideal for birthday gifts for both men and women as they can also be engraved with any words and possibly images that you want.
  • Secondly, hip flasks provide a great way for one to carry their favorite drink unnoticed by others. This helps especially when in the company of people who do not drink.
  • Thirdly, hip flasks are very portable and often go unrecognized by others. This is because you only carry what is enough for you and most have slim sides which enable them to fit perfectly well in your coat pockets or bag.
  • Fourthly, hip flasks are made of stainless steel and they therefore do not break easily even when they fall to the ground.
  • Fifthly, whiskey flasks also make for ideal travelling accessories since it is easier and safer to carry alcoholic drinks in them as opposed to glass bottles which are delicate and can break easily and cause injuries such as cuts to a person.

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